Cheerful Chick-fil-A employee is filmed by happy customer and video goes viral

A Chick-fil-A employee from North Carolina has captured the hearts of internet users. 

A customer, Toya Liles was so pleased with the Chick-fil-A employee’s cheerful service that she videotaped him in action. Liles says he’s like that all the time.

It was a chilly December day, at the Oleander Drive location in Wilmington, NC, but according to the video, it did not seem to dampen Jeremiah Murrill’s cheerful demeanor.

The video recorded Murrill taking Liles’ order, showing him to be extremely polite. He took her order car-side decked out in a winter jacket and cap. It showed him complimenting Liles and her passengers for being amazing during the whole ordering process just before swiping her credit card on his point-of-sale machine.

At one point, Murrill tells Liles and her passengers that they are just a swipe away from an awesome lunch.

And just before Liles drives forward he tells them it’s a pleasure to serve them at the stores drive-thru window, then gives them all a ‘fist-bump’ telling them they are ‘awesome!’

Liles shared her video of Murrill on her FaceBook page and it got nearly 190 thousand views in just two weeks with dozens of people who made comments that they too had experienced the pleasure of being waited on by the ‘ever-friendly’ Murrill.

Many of the commenters said that Murrill had waited on them personally and that his disposition was always so pleasant. One commenter said they go to the Oleander Drive Chick-fil-A location just to see Murrill.  

Another Facebook user also chimed in that a person could be having an absolutely bad day but Murrill would turn it around with his charming positive attitude.

Murrill is 20 years old and he told WWAY, an ABC/CBS/CW affiliated television station out of Wilmington, NC, that Liles is a frequent customer and that when she asked to video him that day he didn’t think anything about it as his aim is to always be kind and nice to everyone who eat at his Chick-fil-A location.

Many of the repeat customers know Murrill well and say that he treats everyone with the same ‘chipper’ service all the time.

Murrill has four other siblings that work at the same location. He told WWAY that he hopes to continue to serve his community by someday owning his own Chick-fil-A franchise.

He sincerely believes that one’s actions, and the way one interacts with people matters and that it can transform someone’s day.

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