International Energy Agency Warns of the Risks of Increased Global Fossil Fuel Demand

While it is becoming quite apparent that the world is making a conscious shift towards renewable energy, the pace of this transition is not fast enough to offset the immense impacts of global economic expansion and population growth, warns the International Energy Agency. 

In the IEA’s World Energy Outlook for 2019, which was released on Tuesday, the Paris-based energy policy advisory board said that even though this carbon-neutral transition is important around the world, society remains highly dependent on fossil fuels.  Furthermore, the agency warns that things will remain this way unless we start to see sweeping policy changes. 

Indeed, the latest data shows that even though alternative energy sources like wind and solar are growing, carbon emissions continue escalate. As a matter of fact, carbon emissions reached an all-time high in 2018; and that will probably continue if we don’t make any changes. 

Of course, making these changes are going to require more than just recognizing the problem.  The report specifically notes that governments around the world will have to “take a hard, evidence-based look at where they stand and the implications of the choices they make.”

That in mind, the IEA has chosen not to attempt at making any predictions about energy consumption over the next two or three decades. Instead the IEA has identified three possible scenarios that could result in three different outcomes.  First of all, if we retain our current policies, what can we likely expect to see in terms of environmental impact. Secondly, the IEA theorized what might be possible if we factor in the energy-related policy decisions we have already announced. Finally, the IEA wonders at developing a sustainable framework for 100 percent compliance to energy goals. 

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