Apple Music Now Available On The Web

For the first time ever, the Apple Music streaming music platform is being officially offered on the web. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has launched an all-new web app for Apple Music that is available now as a public beta. During the beta testing period, Apple will be soliciting feedback from customers to help it streamline features and squash any bugs.

Through this new browser-based interface, users will be able to use the service on computers that don’t have iTunes or the Music app. Subscribers can now stream from anywhere without having to use a platform-specific application. Expanding Apple Music to the web makes it far more accessible, which makes sense with the company placing a bigger focus on services these days.

The new Apple Music web version has all of the editorial content of the device apps, including the “For You” selection and all other curated playlists and charts. Enabling the “Sync Library” setting lets users keep their library the same across Apple Music on all of their devices. The web app has all of the streaming service’s core functionality, including search, radio, and browse, and also reacts to the user’s Dark Mode setting. Apple plans to add more features over time as the service is further developed.

You can try the new Apple Music web app at You currently have to be an existing Apple Music subscriber to use the web app. In the future, Apple says new users will be able to sign up on the website.

Cross-platform availability is essential in today’s streaming market. Apple Music is already available as an app for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Mac. The service is also offered on non-Apple platforms, like Android, Windows, Sonos and Amazon Echo.

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