Carnival Cruise Ships May Be Banned From Us Ports

Carnival cruise ships may be banned from docking at US ports. The company has been cited for violating the probation it has been on since April of 2017 for mishandling its cruise line ships’ audits and falsifying records, disposing of gray water into the waters of a national park as well as dumping plastic into the ocean.

Carnival Corporation received a five-year probation which began in April of 2017 due to illegally dumping oil into the ocean for eight years and also lying about it to US officials. The cruise line was part of a $40 million settlement which also resulted in the mandated inspection by a third-party auditor of all of its ships and its subsidiaries. It has only completed two of the five years of probation.

An announcement was made by U.S. District Judge Patricia Seitz in Miami on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, that she will make her final ruling in June whether or not to keep Carnival ships from docking in US ports.  She also requested the presence of Carnival’s chairman, Micky Arison and its president, Donald Arnold to be present at the final hearing, the Miami Herald reported.

Seitz said that the top leaders are not treating this problem seriously enough and that if she was able to she would have all of the executives spend some time in a detention center for a couple of days.  Se went on to say how amazingly time spent in detention helps people come to focus on reality.

Auditors since April of 2017 have found regular falsification of records which showed cleaning and testing of equipment which had really not ben done as well falsifying records of illegally dumping 6,000 gallons of gray water into the Glacier Bay National Park last September 2018.

Also in Carnival’s latest violation of its probation prosecutors cited Carnival’s Elation ship allegedly did not separate food from plastic in December 2018 which resulted in plastic as well as food being dumped overboard during that audit.

During court hearings, prosecutors revealed internal emails by the company to create a program to eliminate negative audit findings. They cited emails made between Carnival subsidiaries that made references to a practice of only prepping their ships just before auditors went on board.

Carnival which controls nine different cruise line brands and 102 ships, said in a statement that they intend to address all the issues raised in Wednesday’s court hearing.