Mark Zuckerberg Asks Governments To Help Control Internet Content

In a letter printed opposite the editorial page in the Washington Post, Mark Zuckerberg admits that the responsibility to monitor and control harmful content on internet social media platforms and websites is too great for his company, Facebook, and other internet business firms to handle alone.

Zuckerberg makes his plea two weeks following the attack on worshippers in a mosque by a gunman in Christchurch, New Zealand which went viral live-stream on the his  social media site.

Zuckerbergis calling for new laws to oversee not only ‘harmful content’ but also, ‘election integrity,’ ‘privacy and data probability.’ He says that lawmakers across the world tell him that social media platforms like Facebook have too much influential power over what is spoken and shared and he agrees.  He says that his company is in the process of creating an independent body in order for people to appeal decisions made by the company about what information is posted and what is taken down.

But he believes that new rules and regulations he would like to see enforced should be the same for all websites and tech companies globally to make it easier for all to stop ‘harmful content’from being shared too quickly across all internet platforms.

One of the regulations Zuckerberg is calling for is the need for all tech companies to release a transparency report every three months such as is done by financial companies.

He also recommends regulations covering political campaigns to protect the integrity of elections, not only during the election period but even outside of the election time periods and especially regulating the use of data by political campaigns and how they use data to target voters online.

Zuckerberg is calling for the world-wide adoption of privacy laws similar to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with these laws being standardized and not different from country to country.

The Facebook founder is also calling for regulations as to who is responsible for the protection of user’s data when they move their info from one service to another.

All of the regulations being recommended by Zuckerberg comes on the heels of the video footage of the killings in Christchurch, New Zealand and Facebook’s failure to stop it from being live streamed and then copied 1.5 million times on March 15th.   

Some steps that Facebook itself if taking following this incident is to introduce restrictions on live-streaming, to ban white nationalism and separatism from its site and to start labelling political ads appearing on its social media platform in the EU which would show the advertiser, what they paid and who they are targeting.

in his letter, Zuckerberg said that he believes that Facebook has the responsibility to address all of the issues he mentioned and that he is looking ford to addressing them with governments world-wide.