Apple AirPods 2, Provide Improvements for Wireless Headphones For iPhone

Apple AirPods earphones have led the wireless earphone industry and kept their lead since their release in 2016.  AirsPods 2 (or AirPods second-generation) as Apple likes to call them don’t really add anything greatly significant  but they still help to maintain AirsPods lead in the industry.

According to Benjamin Mayo, a developer of iOS apps and contributing writer to 9TO5Mac, Apple’s AirPods 2 don’t look any different than the original first-generation  AirsPods that came out three years ago. Which means that if your old AirPods fit your ears so will the AirPods 2.  Good News.

AirPods 2 currently start at around $199 and at that price will come with the AirPods Charging case which will be slightly different than previously as the LED pinhole has been moved from the inside to the front face.  When you purchase the AirPods 2 with a wireless charging case (which costs extra of course) you will find it a bit heavier than before due to housing the necessary component for Qi charging and the hinge has been redesigned. Also, the mirror reflective finish has been swapped for a metallic one but the wireless charger still closes with a snap.

The new AirPods 2 comes with the H1 chip instead of the former W1 chip and perform long talk time, faster connections when switching devices, lower latency real-time sounds and the addition of Siri.

As far as battery life within the AirPods 2 it remains to be seen whether it has been improved or not as no word on this issue has come from Apple. Also, as with every other Apple deice the charging light does not remain on while it is charging.

Mayo says that the AirPods 2 definitely connect and switch between devices faster and it makes a big difference when playing games and using music or sound effects which is now bearable because of the reduced lag in time.

As far as adding the always-on Hey Siri app, speaking to Siri is a lot better than the double-tap no matter how many devices you may have in your repertoire of gadgets.

Also, the AirPods 2 ‘Hey Siri’ is the default device when you are using it and makes it unnecessary to speak to or wake up any of your other devices.  The sound quality is better in that it is much clearer.