Amazon Releases A Kindle You Can Read In The Dark For Less than $100

Amazon has added a new model to its basic Kindle e-reader line which will come with adjustable lighting and you won’t have to pay out more than a $100 for it. Yes, Amazon is offering this ‘all-new Kindle’ for just $90 which will also have updated e-ink screen with better contrast and glare-free touch-screen display.  

The new Kindle, branded simply as the ‘all-new Kindle’ will have rounded corners freshening its design and will come in two color options: black or white.

Amazon has received a lot of feedback from its customers about how important it is to them to have a Kindle with lighting so that they are able to read from their Kindle in any lighting environment and have expressed their appreciation for such a feature.  

Kevin Keith, VP of Amazon Devices, said, ”The team worked hard to bring this customer-favorite feature to our most affordable device, and we’re excited to introduce the ‘all-new Kindle’– the first Kindle under $100 with a built-in adjustable front light.”

The very first Kindle device came out in 2007 with a $399 price tag for the e-book reader format. With most Kindle e-reader models having the capacity of holding up to 1400 titles, you can buy and store books, newspapers, magazines and even blogs in its memory.  The Kindle e-reader is great and convenient for traveling as it is lightweight compared to a book and easy to store and you can access the Amazon store at anytime and buy a new books from its electronic storehouse of more than a million titles.

The ‘all-new Kindle will have all the other reading features from Amazon’s e-readers as well. When you finish reading your e-book it will be marked as ‘Read’ and with this new device comes filters that will show you which books you have read and which ones you haven’t.  And a nice feature included will be on the home page recommending more books based on what you have previously read.

Some of the features of course will be Audible support, Whispersync, and 

Whispersync for Voice, Goodreads, Smart Lookup, Goodreads integration and Family Library.  Amazon says that in the coming months, it will be offering new reading features for the ‘all-new Kindle’as well as all its newer e-readers and even for older devices like the Gen-6 Paperwhite which was released in 2013.

You can at this time pre-order your ‘all-new Kindle’ from Amazon for just $90 and it will be shipped to you beginning April 10, 2019 and it includes a free three month unlimited subscription. Normally the subscription is $10 per month.