5G, Fastest Wireless In Four Cities

Verizon is currently offering 5G wireless service in four cities in the US: Sacramento and Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX, and Indianapolis, IN.

In Sacramento, Mayor Darrell Steinberg is advertising to small business owners or entrepreneurs, that live particularly in SiliconValley, to move to Sacramento rather than Seattle, WA, where they can escape overcrowded conditions, high prices and most of all the fastest fifth generation wireless service – 5G through Verizon.

This newly installed 5G service in Sacramento through Verizon is one of the reasons Mayor Sternberg is using to draw future businesses to his city.

With each generation of wireless service, speed has increased and with faster wireless speeds new innovations have been birthed over the years. With 5G the frequency bandwidth will be higher providing speed like never before, with approximately 10 milliseconds of lag time and greater network capacity. 

According to experts in the field, 5G will change areas in transportation, manufacturing, medicine and so much more with future innovations that will better affect the way we live.

The current wireless speed of 4G uses very tall cell towers to cover several miles. 5G, however, will cover only a couple thousand feet but it will be about the size of a laptop and can be attached to telephone or light poles.

Because of this, residents who have 5G availability with benefit from lightening fast speed without the use of fiber cable directly into their homes, says Phillip French, Verizon’s vice president of network engineering. And, furthermore, he states it will eliminate the necessity to tear up streets or go into a residents home to install fiber cables.

5G is about more than downloading movies or internet data faster. It also will allow real-time monitoring of vehicle and pedestrian traffic and will be important to self-driving cars and trucks to communicate rapidly with each other and traffic light signals in the future. 5G will be commiserate with the autonomous-vehicle technology of the future and Sacramento will be at the forefront of this new technology, says Steinberg.

With all the potential of 5G, concerns are raised that it will create more opportunities for hackers and even more – mass surveillance.  But these and other concerns are not stopping the wireless companies such as AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile which will start to roll out limited 5G services.  Also, 

Verizon says that later this year it will make available three new 5G smartphones to consumers.