Airline Companies Try To Outdo Each Other On Entertainment Offerings

Several of the nation’s largest airlines are competing for passenger business by trying to out do each other in its offerings of in-flight entertainment and passengers who love listening to music and watching TV and movies are the big winners.

United Airlines recently announced that it is now offering free live TV on 211 of its Boeing 737 planes with seat-back display entertainment systems.

American airlines which already had been offering free live TV on its more than 400 domestic aircrafts will now offer free Apple Music streaming through its in-fight Wi-Fi service complementary to its passengers.

Back in November, Southwest Airlines began offering its passengers free movies through the use of their portable electronic devices on all of its aircrafts that are equipped with Wi-Fi service.  It had already been offering free live TV steaming since 2013.

Since 2016, Delta Air Lines has offered free live TV, plus TV reruns, and movies.  In 2018 it reached its objective of installing seat-back internment systems on approximately 600 out of 800 of its aircrafts.

It certainly looks as though the nation’s airline carriers are playing a one-upmanship game to win the business of passengers.  Industry experts say the reason for this is that over all they all offer nearly the same prices and so to make themselves stand out in the competition they offer special foods or entertainment products.

 Jan K. Brueckner, a University of California, Irvine, economics professor comments that for airlines who already have the seat-back entertainment systems installed, its easier to make extra offers for live TV streaming, or movies or music.

Although past lower fuel costs and high passenger demands have provided the airline industry with strong earnings, the rising cost of current fuel prices as well as labor cost increases will make it harder economically for them to continue their high earnings ratings in the next few years.

Bruckner adds that competition in what airlines offer for onboard products such as entertainment, food and refreshments will be what keeps them in the running in the future. “When one guy starts competing on quality, another guy competes and soon everyone has it,” he said of the upgrades in entertainment.

Janelle Anderson, American Airlines’ global marketing Vice President says that one way for AA to show that they value their customers’ business and time with 

them is to provide them with different ways to be connected  throughout each flight with AA.