Apple Has Hired Fierce Facebook Critic To Join Its Privacy Team

To show how serious Apple takes consumer’s security and privacy issues, it has hired Sandy Parakilas, a former employee of Facebook who became an ardent critic of Facebook’s privacy protection practices or lack thereof.

Parakilas blew the whistle on Facebook last year by testifying before both parliaments of the UK and EU.  Parakilas had been employed by Facebook as a platforms operations manager and monitored the privacy and policy compliance of Facebook developers. While employed by Facebook he raised concerns about Facebook’s data sharing policies but his concerns were ignored.  He left the company in 2012.  He then became Facebook’s biggest watchdog.

Apple has taken a stand against the big social network companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon in defense of consumer’s data privacy and policy concerns and has criticized them of their data hoarding practices.

To challenge them to clean up their act and stop data hoarding of users private data, Apple put up a huge ad that took up a whole side of a hotel which overlooked the site of the Consumer Electronics Show last week in Las Vegas. It said:  What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has stated in the past that, “Privacy to us is a human right. It’s a civil liberty….We’re not going to traffic in your (consumer’s) personal life,” he said in a March 2018 MSNBC interview.

During Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal, CA told Facebook they were collecting data for academic purposes but instead used it to gain users psychological profiles through their private data in which 87 million user’s data was breached.  

Parakilas testified before the British Parliament with evidence in hand that revealed Facebook’s privacy protections were way outside of their policies of what should have been allowed.

Parakilas is also Chief Strategy Officer for The Center for Humane Technology, an organization dedicated to fighting for safer, healthier tech.

Apple has hired Parakilas as a products manager, specifically to examine Apple’s own privacy policies and to ensure new products in development protect user’s privacy.

In speaking to Business Insider, Parakilas says he will not stop working to change the direction of companies like Facebook to a more ethical environment for the protection of consumers and especially to keep government elections from being influenced or used by social network.