Nexstar Is Set To Acquire Tribune Media For $4.1 Billion

In spite of one of the country’s largest broadcast media group, Sinclair, and its  unsuccessful bid to buy out Tribune Media, an American media consolidation could still take place whether you are for it or not.

It would happen just months following Sinclair’s unsuccessful bid to merge with Tribune.

Tribune Media, according to Wikipedia, owns or operates 42 stations in many of the nation’s biggest markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Many of its stations are affiliated with the CW Television Network but it also owns affiliates of CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox

Broadcasting giant Nexstar Media Group has come up with a deal to purchase Tribune for about $4.1 billion, claims Reuters sources. Insiders say that an announcement could be made as early as Dec. 3, although Tribune has declined to make a comment and Nexstar hasn’t said anything either regarding the impending deal.

It isn’t certain whether or not the consolidation will go forward, however it looks to have a better chance to succeed than the Sinclair proposition.  

It would be almost positive that Nexstar would have to offload some broadcasters of the 174 local TV stations it runs and supports, in order to receive regulatory approval.  Nexstar is most likely aware of Sinclair’s mistakes that prevented its merger with Tribune which would include the false selloffs of stations while allowing Sinclair to continue to retain control of those stations.

At the same time Nexstar also may be relying on the FCC to loosen some of its station ownership rules.

Nexstar would become the largest local TV station operator in the country if all goes well with the acquisition without it making any major concessions.

Currently, 39 percent of TV-owning households in the US are covered by Nexstar, which if it owned Tribune’s added coverage of 42 stations, that percentage would dramatically grow.

This could mean, however, that in the future you may have less diversity in programming choices and also future decisions made by Nexstar regarding content or technology could have wider repercussions.

According to Wikipedia, the Nexstar Media Group is a publicly traded American telecommunications company headquartered in Irving, Texas.

The company is the second-largest television station owner in the United States (after Sinclair Broadcast Group), owning 171 television stations across the US, most of whom are affiliates with the four “major” US television networks located in small to medium-sized markets.

It also operates all of the stations owned by an affiliated company, Mission Broadcasting, under local marketing agreements.