E-Cigarette Company Juul Halts Retail Sales and Social Media Campaign To Discourage Underage Use

Increasing scrutiny among industry critics, vape company Juul has announced its plan to end its sale of flavored e-cigarette pods to retailers.  The move is part of a strategy to reduce access of vaping products to underage consumers.  Part of the strategy is to also cease social media marketing since that is where many underage consumers get their information or find products.

Critics, of course, have raised major concerns over teenagers using e-cigarettes because they are either unable or unwilling to purchase/use traditional regular tobacco products.  Some critics actually argue that flavored vaping liquids are enticing to children who may be attracted to the fruity or sweet tastes.

Now, these flavored e-cigarette pods are not going away entirely; it’s just that the company is only going to allow their sale directly from their website. This makes it easier for Juul to employ third-party age verification for each purchase.

That is a good thing, of course, because of adult vape users rather like these flavored liquids.  As a matter of fact, many adults vape users argue that the flavored liquids—which are nothing like tobacco—are the very reason they prefer these products over cigarettes.

And Juul agrees that these flavors are quite appealing: regardless of your age. That is why they assert, it is important to stop taking orders from the more than 90,000 retail stores that were carrying the Juul flavored vaping liquid.

To reiterate, anyone—any adult, rather—who wishes to buy these flavored liquid pods can do so through the company’s website. And, again, anyone who does this will be subject to third-party age verification.  You may, for example, be asked to enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number, as well as your name, and your address.  You may also, or alternatively, required to provide a copy of your government-issued ID.

For those customers who do choose to purchase flavored nicotine pods through the website will also find they are limited to fifteen pods and two devices in any given two-month period.  There is also a hard limit on devices: you may only purchase ten in a single year.