Zuckerburg Requested to Appear Before Canadian and British Parliaments

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg was once again being asked earlier this month in a letter to appear before a hearing committee of Members of Parliament from Great Britain and Canada to testify and answer questions regarding Facebook’s data privacy practices and the disinformation being published on its social media platform.

Facebook has been dealing with the repercussions pertaining to the spreading of misinformation to supposedly influence past US and UK politics and the revelation of how their data privacy practices were compromised.

The interesting thing about this is that both Parliaments, which have never met jointly before, will do so in London on November 27, 2018.

They gave no reason in their letter to Facebook for their joint effort in requesting that Zuckerberg make a personal appearance rather than sending senior company representatives as he has done in the past. Zuckerburg informed them that he feels employees at the most senior levels should speak on these issues because they have “an authoritative position.”

Both Parliaments also stated in their letter that Facebook users in other countries “need a line of accountability to your organization —directly, via yourself.”  This request is being made in spite of the fact that Zuckerberg has already sent company representatives to speak to members of both parliaments and has already personally appeared before the United States Congress and the European Parliament.

Earlier this month Facebook was fined 500,000 pounds for its data sharing practices that led to the compromising of data of 87 million users which led to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Facebook recently announced that since July, foreign governments have been using its platform to make coordinated misinformation campaigns in order to target American politics several times.

Domestic groups have also been using Facebook to spread misinformation and the company is still finding it difficult to crack down on this misuse of their social media platform. Apparently, a couple of hoax theories very recently have circulated.

One states that Democratic mega-donor George Soros is funding the migrant caravan in Mexico which is headed towards the US border.  And the second is that high profile Democrats who are receiving bombs and threats are just a ‘false flag’operation meant to promote sympathy in people towards the left before the midterm elections in the US.

These theories are the same ones being reported around the world by US national media.