How BuildBinder helps construction teams handle their projects

Construction teams can face communication challenges that ultimately cost them greatly both in time and budget. If team members cannot visualize information on time, then their decisions must be pushed back. A great deal of modern construction firms are using project management tools that help them ease the burden, but some of these tools don’t cater to their particular needs. A group of construction veterans realized this issue and so took it upon themselves to build a solution: BuildBinder.


BuildBinder is a tool that considers all the roles involved in a construction project. Contractors, managers, developers, owners, lenders, and administrative staff can open BuildBinder’s app on their phone or desktop and quickly visualize the information they need to do their jobs properly. They can also upload and update documents in several formats, and edit them right on the platform without having to worry about version control.


The app doesn’t require for you to purchase a license or invest in expensive integrations with your existing software or hardware. It is also simple to use, and doesn’t require extensive training. All the information shared on your project is protected by strong security protocols and it is safely hosted in the cloud. That way, you can have secure access to your information on the go.


Several big brands have already used this construction project management software for their own construction project. Even BuildBinder’s creators, who also own a construction firm, have eaten their own dog food by successfully helping clients complete their construction projects in time and on budget.


You can take this system for a spin by contacting them and asking for a demo or a trial period. You can visit their site at