Worried About Money? So Is 72% of America, Apparently

Worried About Money? So Is 72% of America, ApparentlySome insist that money is the root of all evil, but while this may be taking things a little too far, it appears cash is indeed the number-one cause of stress.

That is at least, for folks in the US.

Despite things having started to crawl very slowly in the right direction as of late, it seems much of the country is still pretty bummed out about finances in general and can’t quite relax. And at the same time, the rich are of course getting richer by the day – something that ever fails to bode badly with those at the bottom of the ladder.

All in all therefore, it should be pretty obvious that America’s number-one cause of stress is cash – such having now been confirmed by the American Psychological Association. In particular, it’s apparently the nation’s young people, women, parents and those on lower incomes that are most likely to be affected by money worries.

The survey was carried out by Harris Poll on behalf of the APA and brought to light some interesting findings. For example, next time you feel like you’re the only one out there with money troubles on the brain, take comfort in knowing 72% of Americans stressed about cash during January alone. Worse still, around 26% of those polled admitted feeling anxious about financial issues pretty much all day and every day, while 54% answered that their monthly means are ‘just enough’ to get by with little to nothing left over.

For 59%, financial worries were the same this year as they were the year prior – for 29% things have gotten even worse. Interestingly, women seemed to come out a little more stressed on the whole than men where cash was concerned – 30% and 21% respectively.

In terms of coping with this inherent lack of cash, 32% admitted living a less healthy lifestyle due to financial struggles, 31% said cash concerns had negatively impacted their relationships and a full 12% spoke of forgoing medical appointments to save money.

On the plus side however, the report did pay mention to the fact that the general national stress rate/level is as a whole heading in the right direction, hitting a new low of 4.9 as opposed to 2007’s alarming high of 6.2 out of 10.