iPhone Controlled Home Security for $99 – Lockitron Unveils the ‘Bolt’

iPhone Controlled Home Security for $99 - Lockitron Unveils the 'Bolt'You know that nagging feeling you get from time to time that you might have forgotten to lock the front door? Well, how about if there was a way of never having to worry about it again, all for a nominal price of $99 all-in?

That’s exactly what a new Silicon Valley start-up by the name of Lockitron is offering, in the form of the new remote-locking ‘Bolt’ system. Coming in at around half the price of the firm’s prior attempt at tapping into the app-controlled home security market, the device connects to any standard door and can be activated or deactivated using pretty much any Android or iOS device.

Simplifying its existing design and making the whole thing much easier to build, Lockitron hopes to score bit this time around with the Bolt. Powered by Bluetooth, the lock can be controlled by any compatible mobile device loaded with the Bolt’s accompanying app. Paired with the options ‘Bridge’ unit, the Bolt can be controlled by way of Wi-Fi and therefore allows for opening and closing of the doors from any remote location worldwide.

Why would you want to open your doors while miles away from the premises? A myriad of reasons, at least according to the company behind it, ranging from letting a family member into the home having perhaps lost their keys, or to offer tradesmen or delivery drivers access to the property while working at a remote location.

Along with standard iOS and Android mobes, Bolt apps are also available for Google Glass, Android Wear and the Pebble watch.

“Bolt is smaller, more elegant and more robust than the (prior) crowdfunded Lockitron,” the firm’s release post reads.

“It has a better battery life, more fault tolerant embedded architecture and includes Lockitron’s most popular features,”

“Most importantly, however, Lockitron Bolt has been designed with mass manufacturing in mind from day one,”

“Bolt is based on a tested locking mechanism that has seen millions of cycles across thousands of doors. It’s manufactured in a facility that’s proven its ability to ship tens of thousands of units per year.”

The future of home security? We’ll let you decide on that one!