For Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, The Future Has Never Looked Brighter

For Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, The Future Has Never Looked BrighterAs news breaks that Microsoft’s Surface hardware lineup has at long last begun bringing at least a little favor to the Redmond software group, reports continue to circulate of a whole new take on the device for its upcoming fourth-generation outing. In what’s looking to be a pretty similar tale to that of Apple’s iPad going forward, the Surface Pro 4 will apparently hit the market in three wholly different size variants come its launch later this spring.

The standard Surface Pro 4 was always something of a given, but reports suggest we could also see the birth of an enormous 12-inch upper-end variant, along with the belated first outing of the Surface Mini. In all three cases, Windows 10 is expected to play a key role in the appeal of each device – Microsoft having learned the hard way of RT’s inherent lack thereof.

For perhaps the first time in the beleaguered lineup’s history, the upcoming Surface tablet refresh is being looked upon with a genuine sense of excitement. Having finally scored a big hit with the Surface Pro 3 and mapped out a blueprint for success, Microsoft stands ever chance of hitting untold highs with its new super-slate, supposedly earmarked for late Q2 launch.

Around the very same time, Apple is expected to lift the lid on a much larger and more powerful variant of the iPad, which like the Surface tablet range will feature a specially designed keyboard cover and in-built stand for productivity. Currently referred to as the iPad Pro or the iPad Air Plus, the device could represent the biggest challenge for the Surface Pro 4 in its quest to win over corporate and educational markets.

And having revealed that Surface Pro 3 sales have been outpacing those of the Surface 2 up to three-times over, there’s every chance that the world has only just begun to warm to Microsoft’s once-underdog tablet for which the future has never looked brighter.