Analysts Predict Stellar Early Apple Watch Sales, Expect Stock Shortages

Analysts Predict Stellar Early Apple Watch Sales, Expect Stock ShortagesAll we really know for sure about the Apple Watch for the time-being at least is that a March release date is on the cards. Not that the folks in Cupertino have confirmed as such, but the vast majority of leading tech analysts seem for once to have reached the very same conclusion…so a March launch we’re staking our bets on.

Other than this, it’s all bit of a blurry matter on the whole – one that could stand to deal Apple a bum hand if the device is anything but a game-changing smash-hit. It’s common knowledge that long, drawn-out gaps between device debuts and their ultimate launches rarely work out beneficial for the business behind them – this is the first time Apple has been guilty of such behavior in quite some time.

Still, we can at least always rely on one or two committed gossip-mongers to provide us with the odd bone to chew on here and there – one of which being KGI Securities’ Ming Chi Kuo. And as far as the info he’s picking up from his always-privileged contacts goes, there are one or two other conclusions we can draw about Apple’s first true shot at the wearable tech market.

Pre-Launch Event

Though already paraded pretty openly last year, Kuo and a variety of other big name analysts foresee Apple organizing another, in this instance more dedicated launch party for the Watch closer to its final release date. Given how long the world will have been waiting for it, quite a bit of fanfare may be necessary to prevent the device launching as yesterday’s news.

Official Preorders

Given the expectations of quite biblical demand for the iWatch, it’s also largely expected that, just like with some prior Apple launches, an official preorder system will be set up and launched prior to the device itself hitting the shelves.

Stock Shortages

And should Kuo’s prediction of 2.8 million Apple Watch sales during its early days alone prove accurate, it’s largely inevitable that stock shortages will creep into the equation on a global basis – some of which could stretch as far as the spring.

Here’s a quick look back at the initial unveiling of the Apple Watch, just to remind you what all the fuss is about: