Netflix Announces 51% Streaming Speed Increase During 2014

Netflix seems to be powering its way to an impressive 2014 of output on the whole, having apparently managed to increase its average streaming speeds by over 50%…or 51%, if we’re being precise. As the global battle for streaming media superiority intensifies, major players are being forced to up their game in a big way or risk losing vast audience volumes to rival brands.

Streaming media is fast become a global favorite for consumers, of whom a growing proportion have taken to the on-demand streaming entertainment model as a far preferable alternative to standard cable subscriptions. With the likes of Google Chromecast and Amazon TV having already made waves across dozens of major market, streaming media services like Netflix are finding themselves presented with an extraordinary opportunity for capitalization.

Netflix Announces 51% Streaming Speed Increase During 2014

However, those unable to deliver consistently high quality streaming services in accordance with ever-accelerating global standards are doomed to fall behind a growing arsenal of rivals.

In the case of Netflix however, it appears no such concerns are necessary. If the firm’s recent announcement is anything to go by, streaming speeds have been increased by a full 51% since 2013, which in turn has assured customers of faster starts, fewer disruptions and a generally better quality of picture and sound.

November 2013’s average speed for Netflix was recorded as 2MB per second – as of November this year it has been increased to 3.1MB per second.

This is exactly the kind of positive turn of events Netflix needs right now, after a year that brought colossal losses to the company in the wake of a mere $1 monthly service plan price increase which didn’t go down too well with the masses.