Cyber Monday Retail Stats Show Massive Mobile Movement Over 2013

Second only to Black Friday in pure chaos stakes, Cyber Monday has traditionally been one of America’s most bewilderingly blistering days of the country’s annual retail calendar. Famed for pulling tens of millions of consumers to their PCs and laptops like bargain-hunting moths to affordable flames, it’s a day that never fails to yield an armada of interesting and relevant statistics on current retail trends.

Once again, the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark has made Monday’s activities public and confirmed the suspicions of most market analysts. The whole sales frenzies of Thanksgiving and Black Friday were a little all over the place thanks to bizarrely early opening times and what not, but in the case of Cyber Monday things were much more traditionally orchestrated. And it appeared to do the trick too, as overall sales for the day increased by an impressive 8.7% over the 203 figure, IBM’s report confirms.

Exactly as had been predicted by retail experts, the number of shoppers buying anything and everything via their mobile devices increased enormously for Cyber Monday 2014. According to the IBM report, an astonishing 21.3% of online purchases made came from a consumer mobile device. Compared to last year, this represents an increase of 29.3%.

Cyber Monday Retail Stats Show Massive Mobile Movement Over 2013

What was also interesting to note was the way in which tablet PCs still appear to be the favorite devices among online shoppers, taking precedence over Smartphones and other connected devices. This year, 9.8% of online sales throughout Cyber Monday originated from a Smartphone, while a higher 11.5% of buyers opted for their tablet PCs instead. This is however a margin that’s expected to be eroded considerably by this time next year, as ongoing studies suggest that tablet PC use and purchase rates are rapidly declining as large-screen Smartphones take over as the new standard.

On an interesting side note, shoppers using their PCs to access the bargains appear to be happier to shell out larger sums than their mobile counterparts. Within the figures comes the revelation that while PC shoppers spent $138.17 on average, their tablet-toting counterparts spent an average of $119.16.

The US retail market’s overall takings for Cyber Monday may have been slightly up on last year’s, but the figures don’t in fact pain the stellar picture they appear to in the eyes of sum. Bucking a trend of decent gains that’s been pretty reliable for several years, the average spend per Cyber Monday shopper for 2014 came out at $133 – pretty much exactly the same as last year.  Not the end of the world, but at the same time the stats from IBM suggest that this year brought along a 4.7% increase in the number of items each shopper ordered during the sales.

More items purchases in conjunction with a flat average spending rate equates to less revenue per item for the stores selling them.

Of course, some have insisted that the elongated Black Friday shopping hours this year will have inherently eaten into the appeal of Cyber Monday, so to achieve the kinds of figures outlined by IBM represents an astonishing achievement to say the least.