2014 Honda Civic Coupe Redesign Comes About as Positive

2014 Honda Civic Coupe Redesign Comes About as PositiveThe 2012 Honda Civic was, for all intents and purposes, a severe misstep for the Japanese carmaker, one that had necessitated a quick redesign and refresh.  As such, the 2013 and 2014 Honda Civics are radically different compared to the ill-fated 2012 line, and a new version of the Civic coupe had gotten unveiled at last week’s SEMA auto show in Las Vegas.  So how did it do in the eyes of the experts?

According to Car and Driver, the 2014 Honda Civic coupe, with its “face lift and fanny tuck”, can now be considered a separate vehicle from the Civic sedan in terms of design.  The publication quoted Honda public planner Jay Guzowski, who said that surveys have revealed that car owners want the Civic coupe to look different from its sedan counterpart.  And it does indeed appear as if Honda has done a good job separating both Civic variants, tweaking the bumpers, the grille, the headlights, as well as the coupe’s front fenders and hood.

“The fresh face gives the 2014 Civic coupe some of the look of the European Civic, with the headlights and grille now squeezed into a narrow band that looks a bit sportier and more ballistic than the rather dull face it replaces,” opined Car and Driver’s Aaron Robinson. “Flaring nostrils at each corner, as well as vent-like slots on the back bumper, also hint at mechanical potency—even if it’s just a put-on.”  All in all, the 2014 Honda Civic may not be too different under the hood, with a base engine that produces just three more horsepower than its predecessor, but the coupe’s design does stand out as a selling point, and representative of a drastic improvement from the debacle of 2012.

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