Samsung Galaxy S5 Specifications and Features – Rumors Continue Aligning

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specifications and Features - Rumors Continue AligningThe Samsung Galaxy S5, as most anyone will tell you, is poised to become the most talked-about phone of the last two months of 2013 among unannounced devices, if it isn’t already so. As such, the Galaxy S5’s specifications and features have been all over the place, with many rumors “converging” or “aligning” to give buyers a fairly good idea of what they can expect when the next-generation flagship launches.

One recent set of rumors that appears to have matched up fairly well pertains to the Galaxy S5’s camera – specifications are said to include a 16-megapixel sensor, while the shooter may come with ISOCELL technology and optical image stabilization, or OIS. ISOCELL technology, for those who aren’t familiar, should help improve photo and video quality in low-light situations, as well as other tricky camera settings. Then there’s the 64-bit processor that Samsung itself had confirmed, albeit not for the Galaxy S5 in specific. Most rumors agree to the possibility of a 64-bit Exynos 6 chipset, though it’s not sure if the processor will be a “pseudo” eight-core CPU, or a true eight-core CPU with all cores running simultaneously.

As of now, other Galaxy S5 spec or feature rumors still tend to disagree with each other. In particular, some believe the Galaxy S5 will be Samsung’s first flagship with a metal design,but the majority of reports seems to peg the metal build for another high-end Samsung phone, the rumored Galaxy F.  Instead, the Galaxy S5 may come with a similar faux leather backing to what’s found on the recently-released Galaxy Note 3 phablet.

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