Toyota FV2 Concept Car to Debut at Tokyo; Car Changes Color, Among Other Features

Toyota FV2 Concept Car to Debut at Tokyo; Car Changes Color, Among Other FeaturesThe Tokyo Motor Show is often the best place for auto enthusiasts who want to check out peculiar, outlandish and often implausible designs that are nonetheless interesting in more ways than one.  Japanese carmaker Toyota has a few such vehicles ready to unveil at the Tokyo show, including the FV2 concept car.  According to Yahoo! Autos, this vehicle can be best described as a “combination of (a) four-wheel Segway and (a) tamagotchi.”

Despite its strange appearance, the Toyota FV2 just might be a car worth checking out for the young consumers of coming generations.  “The car will appeal to future consumers of the digital generation, who have been used to smartphones or iPads from a young age,” said Toyota executive Takeo Moriai. “Given that the technology is still at a very early stage of development, it’s challenging for us to figure out the extent to which the car can read emotions.”  One of the FV2’s main features is its ability to change color based on a driver’s emotions, though it can also suggest destinations based on facial expressions and, in a more practical bent, provide proactive blind spot warning.

Aside from the FV2, Toyota has a few other vehicles set for unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show, including a concept hydrogen-powered car that would ideally be launched to the public in 2015.  This concept car sports a catamaran-influenced design and falls under the new-generation “supercar” niche; Toyota claims its range would be at least 311 miles, and refueling time would take no more than three minutes, or about the same amount of time it would take to refuel a conventional gas-powered vehicle.

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