Honda Civic Overtakes Toyota Corolla as Top-Selling Compact of October 2013

Honda Civic Overtakes Toyota Corolla as Top-Selling Compact of October 2013The Honda Civic took the top spot in compact sales in the U.S. for the month of October 2014, as it beat out the Toyota Corolla for the top spot, a reversal of how both cars placed in September.  The Civic sold a total of 27,328 units, well in front of the Corolla, which sold 23,637, and is leading the Corolla by over 23,000 units in terms of year-to-date sales.  For the year, the Honda Civic has sold 280,889 units, while the Toyota Corolla has sold 257,184.

The Chevrolet Cruze was the top-selling American compact for the month of October, finishing third with 16,087 units sold, though this figure is 15.9 percent lower year-over-year.  The Ford Focus, on the other hand, came in at fourth with 15,108 units sold.  For the year, the Cruze and Focus are third and fourth respectively with 211,862 and 203,762 units sold.  At fifth place in both monthly and year-to-date rankings was the Hyundai Elantra, September’s surprise third placer.  The Elantra sold 14,876 units in October 2013, and has sold 167,087 units from January 1.

The Volkswagen Jetta/Sportwagen line came in sixth place for the month of October 2013 with 11,710, a significant comedown from the 13,476 units sold in October 2012, but not a big enough drop to dislodge it from its usual position in the sales rankings.  The top ten was rounded out by the Nissan Sentra (8,399 units sold), the Mazda3 (7,647), the Dodge Dart (5,617) and the Subaru Impreza/WRX (4,923), while the eleventh and twelfth spots were taken by the Kia Forte (4,706) and Volkswagen Golf (2,249).

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