September 20 Prediction for Release Date of iPhone 5S


Dave Smith, technology editor for International Business Times predicts a release date of 20 September with a product announcement ten days earlier, which includes 18 September as the release date of iOS7.


Smith assumes that iOS7 will follow the same pattern of iOS6, hence released 100 days after its announcement – 18 September. He also assumes that the new iPhone will follow after 2 days, like the iPhone5 followed 2 days after iOS was released.


He also bases a prediction that the low-cost iPhone6 will be released a week or two later, based on leaks and rumors. This would be done to avoid excess queues at the Apple stores. Assuming the rumors are correct, release dates would be September 27 or October 4.


The inexpensive iPhone will be aimed at developing markets of China and India, however it will prove to be popular in the U.S. as well.


The low-cost iPhone could impact Apple’s phone series in the way the iPad Mini has impacted its tablet series. The lower price will attract customers to buy Apple.  The Apple TV, the iWatch and iOS in the car are things that will widen the experience and give users more things to be hooked upon related to their iPhones.


If Apple can improve iOS7, the end of 2013 can result in a turn around for Cupertino’s fortunes.

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