Huawei Has Set It’s Sight on Apple’s iPhone 6 – Competition

ascendApple, being an industry leader, often finds itself being watched by its competitors who try to produce and deliver iPhone competitive gadgets. Huawei, a Chinese company, has lately set its eyes on Apple and iPhone 6.


Even though, Apple still has to announce its iPhone 6 and iPhon5S, Huawei is ready to compete with whatever Apple is introducing in the market.


Huawei’s CEO, Yu, stated that their plans are to challenge Apple and Samsung, when delivering his speech at the launch of the company’s Ascend P6, which the company is promoting as the world’s thinnest mobile. Yu’s remarks further added that their level of product is to take over iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. Massive costs have been incurred on research and development, together with over 70,000 dedicated employees.


The iPhone 5S is expected to be released later on this year, possibly in September. Apple is also reportedly working on iPhone 6 which is rumored to be released in 2014. More rumors include that the design of the iPhone 6 will be larger, with a higher-resolution display and a new design that might not sport the home button.


The Huawei Ascend P6 is a very slim smart phone, at 6.18mm thick. This means it is almost 1.5 mm thinner than the iPhone5. The smartphone was praised for the good-looking design, however got negative remarks due to lagging performance, overheating and specs that befit 2012 smartphones, rather than 2013.


In the U.S., Huawei is not well-known. However, it is a global manufacturer which is well-known and has recently talked about purchasing Nokia. Nokia is quite well-known with U.S. consumers and most feel a connection to it due to their device journey starting with the brand.


If Huawei plans to compete with the iPhone 6, it has at least another year to develop and manufacture the competitor.

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