McDonald’s Looks to Bolster Falling Sales with Massive Portions and Midnight Breakfasts

McDonald’s Looks to Bolster Falling Sales with Massive Portions and Midnight Breakfasts McDonald’s seems to have a very clear business model for 2013 – encouraging customers to eat larger portions and at more regular intervals, regardless of where they might be at the time.

For those looking to stuff their faces in the wee-small hours, you can now compliment your Big Mac with a side of pancakes. Or even better for those with a gap to fill in Japan, there’s the Mega Potato which doles out a double-large-sized portion of fries and tickles the 1,150 calorie mark.

It seems as far as the world’s biggest burger chain is concerned, bigger is better and more is marvelous.

Economists have stated that McDonald’s is making every possible effort to increase business and entice more customers following a pretty disappointing run. Soaring beef prices and global consumer purse-tightening has led to McD’s profits being the only thing that are actually slimming down for the brand.

For this first time in nine years, overall sales for McDonald’s outlets that have been in business for 13-months of more were down for January. Recent months haven’t proved any easier for the company in light of an economy that’s making very slow progress and extreme rivalry from the likes of Wendy’s and Burger King.

Q1 revenues may have upticked from $6.55 billion last year to $6.61 billion this year, but on the whole global sales were down by around 1%.

So, McDonald’s is looking to stem the tide of its losses by doing all it can to get more customers through its doors and feed those inside with bigger servings than ever before.

Company bosses have confirmed that this month will see the introduction of the brand’s first “After Midnight” menu here in the US, which combines some of the most popular breakfast items with the day’s regular meals and sandwiches. A number of hybrid “Midnight Value Meals” will be offered with sides like hash browns which can be taken instead of fries, according to the firm’s statement.

And it isn’t only here in the US that McDonald’s is looking to up the ante. In Japan, buyers can already feast on the global curiosity that is the Gracoro Burger – a delightfully weird concoction of shrimp, macaroni and white sauce which is deep fried to perfection and served as a burger. If not satisfied, you’ll be able to accompany this with the “Mega Potato” portion of fries which contains more calories than a pair of Big Macs.

Japanese customers are also lavished with the offer of a washable plastic fries-holder for their cars – another means by which to encourage further consumption on the go.

Of course, McDonald’s has been both keen and quick to remind the world that items like the “Mega Potato” are not designed to be scarfed down by a single greedy diner, but rather to be shared as an economical addition to a family or group dinner.

No mention was made as to whether or not the “Mega Potato” would be touching down in the west anytime soon.


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