Hawaiian Airlines Tops Table for On-Time Flights – United Airlines Takes Most Complaints

The results are in and while some airlines have reasons to celebrate, others really need to look long and hard at how they can up their on-time performance in 2013 and beyond.

Kicking off with one of the more positive examples, The US Airline Quality Rankings Reports sings the praises of Hawaiian Airlines, which for last year managed to achieve a pretty impressive nine out of ten score in terms of the number of flights getting where they needed to be on or ahead of schedule.

Hawaiian achieved an overall score of 93.4% of flights on time for 2012, which represents even better performance than 2011 when the carried scored a pretty impressive 92.8%.

The report takes into account the biggest 14 carriers across the US and in addition to on-time statistics evaluates airlines on their performance by way of lost luggage, passenger complaints and procedures related to denial of boarding. And just when the US airline industry seemed to be on a downward spiral in terms of all of the above, the latest report is at least modest optimistic.

Of the 14 major airlines covered, eight significantly improved on their respective on-time stats from last year and no less than nine achieved a minimum of 80% of all flights on-time or ahead of schedule.

At the bottom of the list in terms of on-time flights were American Airlines and ExpressJet, which according to the reports tied at 76.9% of flights landing when they were supposed to in 2012.

As far as baggage handling goes, Virgin America took the top spot with an average rate of 0.87 items of lost luggage for every 1,000 passengers. Despite having made a decent improvement from last year’s performance, American Eagle was once again right at the bottom for baggage with a comparatively alarming 5.80 pieces of lost or damaged luggage for every 1,000 passengers.

And in terms of complaints accrued in 2012, SouthWest took the title with an impressive low of just 0.25 complaints for every 1,000 passengers, while scraping the bottom of the barrel with a rather higher 4.2 complaints per 1,000 passengers was United Airlines.


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