Apple’s TV Set Not Coming This Year, Maybe Not Next

Apple’s TV Set Not Coming This Year, Maybe Not NextOne of the most long-rumored Apple products that we may or may not see in the course of our lifetime is the deeply-fabled Apple TV set.

In some respects it seems like such a no-brainer – Apple has already conquered various realms of the consumer tech world and shy of launching the first iToaster or iToilet really doesn’t have anywhere else to go be further into the lounge. In fact, analysts the world over have already blasted their spreadsheets for 2012 and beyond with projections of ridiculously high new channels of income courtesy of Apple TV.

Well, it’s now looking like there might be some edits to make as we’ve been lavished with a pair of pretty weighty reasons why holding our collective breath for an Apple TV at this stage might not be the wisest move.

This Thursday, Bloomberg weighed into the affray and followed in the footsteps of the Wall Street Journal, reporting that Apple had pretty much hit a brick wall in terms of reaching a deal with the content providers and cable services which by rights would be the lifeblood behind the Apple TV. Steve Jobs is known to have said that the key to producing a world-dominating TV lies in access to the TV shows, movies and live TV channels of most interest to viewers.

As of now, it seems that Apple really isn’t any closer to making a deal to secure any of the above on the scale necessary for the Apple TV, which in turn for all intents and purposes means you can rule out such a product hitting the market before the end of the year.

At its current pace, we’d be lucky to see an Apple TV touch down before the end of 2013, truth be told.

And then of course there’s the fact that Apple TV already exists in the form of the Apple TV set-top box and the company’s recent and ongoing efforts to revamp and extend its features and functions pretty much solidifies the fact that an actual Apple TV set isn’t necessarily the biggest priority right now and certainly isn’t approaching its due-date.

All in all, an Apple TV set is by rights as likely at some point in the future as the sun rising tomorrow morning, but as far as a 2012 or perhaps even a 2013 launch goes, chances are you’d be better of banking on snowstorms in the Sahara.

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