Fortune Announces 2012 Global Women Leaders Award Winners

Fortune Announces 2012 Global Women Leaders Award WinnersWhat makes a leader worthy of such a title is not how well they carry out their role, but the steps they take to redefine their role and go the extra mile unprompted. And as far as case-in-point examples go, take a look at any member of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women community.

Going beyond the call of duty day in and day out is what’s drive CEOs like Marissa Mayer of Yahoo and Ursula Burns of Xerox right to the top and earned them the kind of respect all the money in the world cannot buy. Along with various other top-level executives from companies like IBM, Wal-Mart, Google and Citigroup, these individuals have all taken part in Fortune’s Global Women Leaders Mentoring Partnership.

Originally brought to life in 2006 as a joint effort with the State Department, the program was designed to bring future superstars from all walks of life across developing nations to the United States to be mentored and led by members of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women community. In the six years since its introduction, the program has seen 200 woman from 49 nations take part in the scheme – the most outstanding of which have just been awarded the 2012 Goldman Sachs & Fortune Global Women Leaders Award for their extraordinary potential and are as follows:

Catherine Nyambala

Catherine Nyambala is a Kenyan electrical engineer who in 2010 was mentored by Google’s Marissa Mayer. She is now in the midst of several projects with the goal of promoting and encouraging female engineers and scientists in her home nation. Marissa Mayer has already paid two visits to her protégée and is a firm backer of her remarkable efforts.

Precious Simba

Precious Simba was taken under the wing of Christa Carone of Xerox and Y&R in 2011and returned to Zimbabwe to create a series of initiatives with the intent of encouraging girls to finish and further their education. She also made a series of videos in conjunction with her mentoring companies called Future Self.

Madhu Uday

Madhu Uday is art of the 10,000 Women Initiative by Goldman Sachs which was created to deliver the highest level management and business education to women in the developing nations of the world. Having noted the way in which girls in India are seriously disadvantaged due to inequality and poor resources, she is now in the process of creating a training and learning center aimed specifically at young women.

The three winners will be officially honored on October 2nd at this year’s MPW Summit and will each take a share of the $50,000 prize pool to help further their efforts on home soil.

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