Five “Essentials” Getting Cheaper in 2012

Five “Essentials” Getting Cheaper in 2012Chances are when you read a story about 2013 costs of living, you’re generally only ever in for bad news. However, take a more optimistic look at the US consumer market and you’ll find that there are in fact plenty of important, if not quite essential purchases destined for serious price reductions in 2013.

Take the following top-five for example and maybe enjoy a break from the doom and gloom.

Fine Wine

Like you needed another excuse to raise a glass to the New Year – chances are 2013 will see prices on fine wines plummet to new lows, according to industry experts.

Speaking on behalf of Premier Cru in California, Michael Glasby went on record this week to admit that quality and general supply quantity of fine wines has reached such a level that demand has tapered off in a big way. As such, the market has reached something of a breaking point and the only way for prices to go now is down.

“The rise was so steep but once demand was satisfied, there was a crack in the edifice,” advised Glasby.

In a working example, last year you’d have been looking at handing over a cool $5,000 for a bottle of 1982 Chateau Lafite Rothschild – a wine that five years previously was on sale for $700. While not quite back to such lows, Glasby expect fine wines to fall in price by a good 50% or so during the course of the year…cheers to that one!

Ultrabook PCs

Set to take over from standard laptops, and Ultrabook PC is basically a smaller, thinner, lighter and more powerful beast that doesn’t contain a standard hard disk or optical drive. In 2011, high prices saw barely a handful of Ultrabook PC sales made per thousand standard laptop sales, which came pretty much entirely down to their OTT costs – at least $1,000 or so for a fairly modest model.

In 2012 however, analysts expect fluid component supplies and lower manufacturing costs to see the prices of Ultrabook PCs fall by around half, meaning that mainstream models could tip below the $500 barrier before the year’s out.

It’s also likely that the lowest prices of all will roll-out just before the Christmas buying season really kicks into swing, so it might be a good idea to hold out a while longer.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that home prices across the US had already bottomed-out, but apparently you’d be wrong. Talk to housing market experts and it looks like we’re once again in for average house price declines of around 1% during the course of 2012 – great news for buyers, not so great for property owners.

The market is also expected to see record-low mortgage rates on perhaps more than one occasion as the year progresses.

Tablet PCs

By all rights, 2012 is expected to be the year that the tablet PC takes over as the world’s new mobile-tech love interest. We’ve already seen the Amazon Kindle Fire stick it to the iPad with a price of just $199, while it’s becoming more and more common to find models from up and coming brands for below the $100 mark.

Over the next 12-months, chances are we’ll see dozens of new tablet PCs hit the shelves from manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and Acer to name just a few – all gunning for the top-spots and all furthering an inevitable price-war.


Last up, 2012 could be the year that sees top-end HDTVs come down in price far enough to pretty much become the affordable standard for most homes across the US. Even in the ranks of the biggest 50 and 60-inch screen in the business, prices have been steadily tumbling over recent months and we’re getting closer to a time when almost offensively large TVs are coming in for less than $1,000.


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